The story began in 1993:-

The brothers, with the support of their father, Hajj Noori Al-Ani, may God have mercy on him, started by establishing Al-Seraj Al-Wahhaj General Trading Company. Its journey was throughout the first ten years in the Republic of Iraq, It established branches inside iraq, and with the grace of God, it opened branches abroad (United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey).

So (Al-Seraj Group) was the address under which these companies joined.



Al-Seraj Group distanced itself from the competition system because of the negative aspects of this system that are not hidden from anyone, despite the attempt of some to beautify it and call it (honest competition) and (Al-Seraj Group) adopted the principle of cooperation with the merchants dealing with it to achieve the common interest and benefit.


Bab Agha bread (hot, good and cheap):

Al-Seraj Group succeeded in providing good, guaranteed goods (tighten and forget) at reasonable prices. The happiness of the working team was achieved while watching their goods bringing happiness to every single home.


What is good for people:

Al-Seraj Group was distinguished by choosing the activity that serves the community, so it traded in electrical materials of all kinds (Pakistani fans, modern lamp lights, wires and cables, electrical accessories, insect killers, and others).

Al-Seraj Group has obtained the agencies of sober international companies

General Fan Company (GFC.):

 is the largest and oldest manufacturer of fans in Pakistan.

Al Shabah Factory for Electrical Appliances:

One of the largest electrical appliances manufacturing company in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Royal :

Pakistani factory specialized in manufacturing bells and electrical installation materials.

Shine world:

One of the largest companies specialized in supplying, operating and maintaining machinery for cables and electrical wire factories in China.

DANA Group:

Dana Group in the United Arab Emirates is considered one of the largest suppliers of iron of all kinds (different steel sections, iron structures, iron rolls.) , engine oils and central cooling devices.


Beehive :

The family of Al-Seraj Group works in a team spirit as a beehive (seriousness, perseverance, love, brotherhood,…) and with this kind spirit, it was able to achieve the best results and win the satisfaction of its partners.