Alseraj Alwahhaj

for Storage & General Trading Co.

Alseraj Alwahhaj is a commercial company for importing and exporting electrical accessories, home appliances, ventilation, cooling systems and other different electrical apparatuses. The company was founded in 1993 in Iraq and has expanded abroad when several additional branches were founded in United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Through dealing with companies and clients, the company has won the confidence of its customers, exporters and importers. As a result, our company has been announced as an agent for GFC products for the Fertile Crescent. GFC is a well-known Pakistani company producing fans, exhaust fans, electrical water heaters, cooling systems and other products.

Another famous company is the Emirian DANA, which manufactures electrical water heaters, gave us, along with GFC, its permission to market its products.
Alseraj Alwahhaj has dealt with many countries such as China, Pakistan, India, France, Turkey and many Arab countries. Our main office is currently located in Amman, Jordan, in addition to several branches in Iraq.

To know more about products that the company deals with, please refer to pictures on the website.
Alseraj Alwahhaj is currently offering products for sale with reasonable prices. For more details please contact us.

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